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YEN TING CHO Studio 結合數位設計與資訊,跨域創作。我們以研究方法進行案子,用嚴謹的方式,實踐不平凡的概念。如果你具備開放的心態,主動積極的個性、良好溝通與邏輯思考能力,細心、負責、高自我要求、高效率、永遠都在學習與進步,我們如新創公司充滿爆發力的工作環境,會與你一起成長!

工作室將進入一個全新的階段。2019 於倫敦創立工作室與出版社,2023 台北工作室與展覽空間落成。我們希望找到一起邁向國際的夥伴,以創意成果進行跨文化的溝通,與國際夥伴合作。

今年已排定主要工作有桃園機場公共藝術案、室內外公共藝術設計、國際展會、藝術品創作、互動展覽、織品與產品設計、藝術策展、藝術書籍出版(相關連結 https://linktr.ee/yentingcho


熟練Office文書軟體操作,基礎 Adobe 軟體。大學畢業以上。英文佳。有創意相關或程式撰寫背景尤佳。



1. 協助專案推動與時程控管,並負責追蹤執行狀況,隨時掌控進度。
2. 協助處理與主管相關的行政事務。
3. 訂單與網站後台管理。
4. 負責文書處理、文件追蹤、資料彙整與檔案管理。
5. 處理主管交辦的臨時任務及其他相關工作。

上班時間週一到週五上午 9 點到下午 6 點,午休 1 小時。週休二日,如遇臨時活動及特殊狀況需要假日上班時,會再另外協調補休假。我們與國際夥伴合作,遠距溝通為常態,期許自由與自律並重。


月薪 33,000 - 48,000,含勞健保。試用期 3 個月,付全薪。三節禮金績效獎金與年終獎金。




來信請附上履歷表與作品集,寄至 hello@yentingcho.com。作品集請用 pdf,30MB 以下,檔案請上傳 Google Drive等線上服務。我們將在收到後 1 週內會回信告知成功收件。即日起隨到隨審。


▸ 勞保/健保/產假/勞退提撥金
▸ 滿一年享有年終獎金。
▸ 支持同事參與國際事務。







#About Us

YEN TING CHO Studio produces unique artworks, installations and contemporary designs for luxury fashion accessories, interiors and exteriors. Our work blurs the boundaries between art, design and fashion.

Established in east London in 2016, we moved into our Taipei studio HQ and public gallery in 2023. We also have a studio in London, with a publishing house (established in 2020). As we enter a new phase of our development, we are seeking partners to help us go expand our global reach and international partnerships.

Our main projects this year include a major public art project for the new Taiwan Taoyuan Airport terminal, international exhibitions, creation of new artworks, product design and development, art curation, and art book publishing (related links https://linktr.ee/yentingcho).


Familiar with Microsoft Office document software and has basic skills in Adobe software. Holds a university degree or above, with a particular proficiency in English. A creative or programming background is preferred.

Their work involves challenging new fields and creative methods, requiring broad thinking, versatility, high resilience to pressure, a willingness to communicate, careful characteristics, English communication skills, and a sense of responsibility to teamwork to prove new possibilities.

#Job Description

1. Assist with project planning, development, and promotion.
2. Undertake administrative tasks for the Director.
3. Manage orders and websites.
4. Responsible for document tracking, data compilation, and file management.
5. Handle ad-hoc tasks and related work assigned by the Director.

Working hours are Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm, with a 1-hour lunch break. If temporary activities or special circumstances require working on holidays or weekends, additional leave will be coordinated. We cooperate with our London studio/press and many international partners; long-distance communication is the norm; our staff can expect a high degree of freedom which requires self-discipline.


Monthly salary 33,000 - 48,000, including labor and health insurance. Probation period is 3 months, with full salary. Also expect three-festival gift money and performance & year-end bonus.


Our Taiwan studio is very close to Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station in Da'an District, Taipei City.


Please attach your portfolio and resume to your covering letter. Send it to: hello@yentingcho.com Please use pdf for your portfolio, less than 30MB, and upload the file to online services such as Google Drive. We will reply to you within 1 weeks after receipt of your application.

#Other notes

▸ Labor insurance/health insurance/maternity leave/labor retirement fund
▸ Year-end bonus after one year.
▸ Participation in international events such as trade shows, exhibitions, project meetings.



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