【YEN TING CHO Spring Festival】- Goddess Carnival

Inspired by the Earth goddess Gaia and the wisdom goddess Athena, we celebrate this festival dedicated to mothers by merging the grace of the Earth with the power of technology.

To express gratitude to all mothers, we are hosting a "Spring Festival - Goddess Carnival" Mother's Day limited pre-order event from April 2nd to April 14th. We look forward to everyone transforming you into goddesses, showcasing diverse fashion power, and celebrating the festival together!"

In this event, We are launching 4 brand-new cotton-silk scarves, and are thrilled to offer a special 15% discount. Additionally, we have selected 8 classic cotton-silk scarves with an additional 12% off for purchases of two or more scarves.

This is our only cotton-silk scarf event of the year! Choose the most charming fashion pieces for yourself, your mother, and your friends!

👒 Order now on our website - Spring Festival - Goddess Carnival


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