Dancing Door Gods (2021) is a performance piece that was created for the National Universiade's opening ceremony that took place in Tainan, Taiwan. Tainan is an ancient city with a very long and rich history and folk heritage. Taking inspiration from the temples of Tainan, where the Universiade was being held, we drew on the iconography of temple Door Gods as the main visual for the work. Using mov.i.see to rearrange the colour information as the story visualization, Dancing Door Gods combines parametric modeling and interpreted images of Door Gods, as well as a professionally choreographed performance, to generate an artwork that not only integrates local culture, but also expresses the power and beauty of sports through technology and artistic experimentation. Dancing Door Gods invites the audience to celebrate both sport and local history heritage at an important national event.

Awards | 2022 Muse Creative Awards Silver

Dancing Door God