We welcome commissions to create meaningful creations. Our team has a wealth of experience working with clients in the private and public sectors to produce unique, stand-out designs. Using our bespoke digital software, we can create individual items or collections with a coherent brand image. For initial enquiries and further details, please contact Studio Co-Director jamie@yentingcho.com.


To celebrate NCKU's 85th anniversary, YEN TING CHO Studio created a commemorative scarf inspired by the university's famous Banyan Park.

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The Four Seasons of Matsu

We designed two sets of patterns to reinterpret Matsu’s local culture, battlefield history, and natural and cultural landscapes for the Matsu Biennial.

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Pump (2021) is a wall sculpture by artist and designer Yen-Ting Cho fabricated using CNC carving on wood.
This sculpture forms part of Cho’s newly renovated Taiwan apartment-studio.

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