This series of works was produced for the 2022 Matsu Biennial. The Matsu Islands are a series of scattered islands and inlets with an ancient landscapes and geology, a long history of immigration and a special geographical position to the north-west of Taiwan. 

Using fabrics as a form of artistic expression, we took inspiration from the low temperatures and strong winds of Matsu in autumn and winter. We designed two sets of patterns to reinterpret Matsu’s local culture, battlefield history, and natural and cultural landscapes. The patterns reflect the traditional image of Matsu, and also capture the vitality of the islands, presenting them with a fresh aesthetic for local residents and younger generations.

To explore the different aspects of Matsu, we organized images of different landscapes, textures, angles, colors, and spaces within a mood board, attempting to find local characteristics within the environment. Then, using the software mov.i.see, the images were reconfigured, allowing us to explore and present Matsu in an abstract way.









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