From our ‘Phantasm’ collection, which takes you on a whirlwind adventure across mesmerising landscapes. Flocks of birds migrate in the dark, yearning for stars in clusters. Houndstooth is an iconic print that never goes out of style. We added a dynamic twitch into this classic pattern, taking you on an adventure of seeking the unknown dreamland at the other side of the universe.

Platinum, 2022 MUSE Design Awards 
Silver, 2022 A’ Design Award 


Colourful, dynamic, and classic designs to create a fashionable vibe

An excellent cashmere blend that’s thick, warm, and cold-resistant

Comfortable, skin-friendly herringbone stitches with a high weave count

Adds volume to your clothing and makes your outfit eye-catching

This colorful and dynamic design turn clothing accessories in to works of art, creating a fashionable vibe. Made from an excellent cashmere blend that’s thick, warm, and cold resistant. The comfortable and soft herringbone stitches has a high weave count, find texture, and takes care of loose threads. It adds volume to your clothing when worn around the neck and put it on vertically for a more dynamic look. It’s a stylish scarf and a comfortable blanket at the same time, suitable for various occasions. Use your creativity and show your unique personal taste.

200 x 70 cm

80% wool, 15% silk and 5% cashmere

Blanket stitch with 1 cm fringe

Presented in our beautiful handmade black Yen Ting Cho box.

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